Truth-Seeking no.3 Love Versus the Inner Critic

By 21st December 2015Blog

What if someone was to tell you ‘you are love itself’, would you believe it?

No, neither did I. When my meditation teacher first said this, my inner critic turned up: (most of us have one – mine looks like my primary school teacher). She opened up a huge dusty tome and turned to the ‘not good enough’ section. It read: (well, I’m not going to tell you what it said, but you get the idea).

Far from feeling that you’re love itself, if you’re like me you begin to judge yourself instead. Society’s ideals throw up so many challenges for us that it’s easy to fall into the ‘not good enough’ trap. We may even attempt to cover our perceived short-comings by trying to make ourselves attractive, funny, successful or popular.

‘There is nothing you have done that was wrong,’ another meditation teacher told me. I must have been catching on to hearing strange stuff by then, because this time I caught something in his eyes that told me it was the truth. An inner knowing opened up and I realised that everyone, regardless of who they are, has always acted according to the spiritual wisdom and life experience that they had in any given moment. As Shakespeare said: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so…”

Often, our judgements about ourselves come from what other people have said about us. Correspondingly, we may judge others harshly to make us feel better about ourselves. But I have been let into a secret – the judgements are just old thoughts looping around and around in our heads. If we stay in the present moment by being in touch with our bodies and what is happening right now, we can watch the thoughts and let them be what they are – just thoughts. This is when they loose their power over us.

As with anything else, if you want to build something, you follow the instructions, keep at it, and sooner or later you have results. The meditation practice of Ishaya’s Ascension gives you the techniques to re-instate your peace of mind; and when that happens love just bubbles up all around. Their approach is direct and simple – no beliefs necessary.

At the deepest level of our being, we are one awareness, one love. We all originate from the same love. Love is what we are. Simple. Spirituality and science are in the process of recovering from a bad divorce, and are coming together to confirm what spiritual seers have always known: all that truly exists is love. Let a scientific genius tell you in his own words: I found this letter on the internet yesterday from Albert Einstein to his daughter on the subject of love – it says it all.

In case you haven’t already guessed – love wins out over the inner critic – in fact it never lost!

With endless love and blessings to you all over the Christmas period.

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