Healer, Heal Thyself

By 28th January 2016Blog

Having worked as healer for over twenty five years, I’ve seen all manner of people and complaints come through my clinic door.

After years of practise, I recognised that there was common ground in all illness. The ‘diseases’ that my clients showed up with were literally that: manifestations of a lack of ease in their world – the foundations being repressed emotions.

I think repressed emotions are a bit like the rubbish we put in our bins, except that no one empties them, and so things fester. In my training I learnt that sadness and grief affect the lungs, anger affects the liver, fear affects the kidneys, worrying affects the stomach and a deep loss of joy affects the heart. I still think there is truth in this, but I see that it’s not the whole story.

To acknowledge our emotions and let them flow is being congruent with our reality, but it’s good to see what’s underneath them. I’ve come to realise that it’s those pesky negative thoughts again. You know the ones – the ones that come from the beliefs that fit neatly into the following categories: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘my world is not a safe place’, ‘I am powerless to change things’, and ‘love equals pain’.

Breathe out slowly. Just reading this list of painful beliefs may have jangled your emotional body into shaking up all sorts of flotsam and jetsam. But here’s the cure – know they are just beliefs.

Your true nature is Divine Eternal Spirit, and the more you realise that, the more the beliefs drop away. It’s a process that I’ve been through myself and continue to go through. It’s actually quite a beautiful process. Uncomfortable at times, but so worth the journey. As we drop our baggage we start to float free, just like an air-balloon freed of its sandbags.

Over time my spiritual practice and personal experience have revealed more about healing, and what I see now beyond any doubt, is that its basis is the dropping away of the dark veils of amnesia about who we are. As more layers of negative belief drop away, the clearer we become on all levels. When this happens, our health tends to improve, but even if it doesn’t, we feel better inside and can cope better with whatever is happening in the now.

Eventually we’ll come to realise that we are eternal life that isn’t limited or defined by the present lifetime we are experiencing; after all, Divine Spirit doesn’t get ill or have a bad back.

I was a typical wounded healer – I wanted to lay my hands on those hurting, aching bodies and on those souls squeezed of their freedom, and make everything better – because that’s what I needed too. We healers are hard-wired to try and make things better, and I know that the love of my work healed in ways that neither healer or healee (made up word – my spell-check doesn’t like it) realised at the time. The clue is in the word ‘love’.

Working as a healer can be a bit of a conundrum. Most healers are heart-centred people and love their work and would probably be happy to do it for free. I certainly fell into that category. However, we all have to make a living. We healers rationalise that it’s the time we’re charging for, not the healing, and this of course is true, but healers are an altruistic bunch and we want to heal for the world for free, because money is from the dark side.

We then either start to beat ourselves up about putting up our charges when necessary, or begin to stress about getting in more treatments in the week so that we don’t have to. Either way is a pathway to more stress for us which doesn’t help, as healers need to be joyful and free – and give love to themselves too. Practitioner ‘burn-out’ isn’t that uncommon in the healing profession.

When I first started out as a Shiatsu practitioner, and Reiki Master with my certificates and name on the appropriate governing bodies’ registers to say that I was a bone fide person, I thought I new what healing was. Healing improves someone’s well-being on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level, right? I still believe this – but it’s not the whole picture.

Once, I distinctly remember listening to someone telling me of their aches and pains, and realising I didn’t feel much better; it was a real case of healer, heal thyself. We can all suffer from putting ourselves last at times, but those in the healing professions are very good at it. I’ve heard several stories about the dedicated souls who are nurses and doctors who don’t look after themselves. Love is everything in healing, and we need to give it to ourselves too.

This little journey into the matter of healing brings us back to that same old chestnut. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves.

As more of my baggage drops away, I find that I am doing less one-to-one healing and more of sending out love to everyone through my spiritual practice of Ishayas Ascension and forgiveness practices like Ho,oponopono. I feel my healing is more global or universal now. Because we are all One, even the tiniest prayer of gratitude or forgiveness literally re-arranges the universe, or put a different way – sets up a healing reaction.

In my book, ‘The Children of the Law of One – The Last Days of Atlantis’, my hero Alejandro has to make a terrible choice. The outcome of his choice will either dash hope for humanity or help to save it. In a way we are in the same position ourselves; we really are that powerful, so let’s send out the LOove, and let’s heal ourselves!

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