The Healer’s Tuning Fork

By 6th February 2016Blog

We all have the latent ability to heal.

Healing is based on love you see, and humans are really good at that, once they have dumped a lot of their judgement and negative baggage.

In a way we are all like tuning forks. When we are immersed in negative thought it can infect others. Correspondingly when we effervesce positivity, others pick that up too.

It’s the same with healing. People have accompanied others for healing in my treatment room, and said that they received healing too. I have experienced the same thing. I went to a spiritual healing demonstration and felt the healing energies myself when someone else was being treated.

When I attune someone into Reiki healing, it is my intent that achieves it. I have witnessed the miracle of passing on this healing frequency time and again, but it never fails to thrill me when I feel their hands buzzing with warmth and healing as they work on me afterwards.

Reiki and Shiatsu are the forms of healing that I learnt, and also Yoga, because that too is a path of re-integration. In fact all healing is just healing. It doesn’t really matter what form it takes.

The approach or way it is practised may be different, but the components are the same: one person (or many) focus their intention for the greater good of another. I remember reading once that the focus and intent of an acupuncturist was actually more effective at healing than the needles s/he placed.

When you first train to be a healer of any tradition, you are taught a ‘form’ – a specific procedure or way of doing things. It can be massaging points on the feet, working pressure points on the body, re-aligning the vertebrae, or any manner of healing procedure, but they all help to bring about balance and harmony.

We create a kind of vehicle or energy field with our love, our intent, and the mental construct from our particular tradition of healing. This field serves well as the vehicle for healing, but as the healer’s intuition develops, they start to become more sensitive to energies. Often they decide to learn more about energy and are drawn to the quiet stillness of less ‘doing’.

My Reiki students would often ask me what they should think about when they practise healing, and the short answer is: as little as possible. More helpfully, I would say: ‘let your mind be spacious, as though your energy field can reach further and further out.’

The reason for this is that if you concentrate too much on the person’s symptoms – mental, emotional or physical, you constrict the healing energy, rendering it less effective. Your thought of sympathy for their particular illness somehow helps to anchor it in the world of form.

As my intuition has developed, and some of my negative baggage has dropped away through my spiritual practice of Ascension, a clarity has emerged which shows me that one day, healing may not need to exist. As I tune into the eternal spirit of the person before me I know that their illness is illusion.

In reality, everyone is eternal perfect spirit whether they are manifesting illness or not. If I do anything at all, I intend that the healing light of the One melts away all illusion of illness and decay. Then I just get out of the way by clearing my mind.

I sense energies moving under my hands and I just let it happen. I can feel the body releasing tension and it is just like stress leaving. That’s all it is – stress leaving – a kind of tension and release. No doubt there are all manner of other helpers in other realms, so my part is very small, but it has been said more than once that had I lived a few hundred years ago I would have been in trouble.

My reasons for sharing this, is that I want to share it – this shedding of the illusion of illness, super-imposed over the the perfection of spirit. Humanity is ascending in consciousness, which means that we are heading towards an age when there will be great spiritual enlightenment. Our frequencies will no longer hold the down-graded energy and distortions of imbalance or illness.

So back to the tuning fork. The healer’s main tool is positive intent, and it is my intention that if you are reading these words, you will receive healing – from yourself. Just place your hands on your chest and let the warmth from them seep through your body. Accept whatever is. Dare to believe that you are whole in spirit. Do it often, love yourself, and who knows what miracles may come along.

Remember, that even though the world appears to be going mad, there is a huge ground swell of interest in meditation, healing, and spirituality. Love always wins.

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