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May 2016


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I’ve never thought I was a very creative person.

I thought creativity was something that you were either born with, or that you had to work at. I didn’t seem to have been born with it ,and I didn’t seem to have the time or inclination to develop it either.

What I did make time for was yoga, and from that sprang my interest in meditation and spirituality. What I didn’t realise was that having a better relationship with your mind through meditation, releases your innate creativity.

Our creative abilities are unlimited once the mind is unhitched from the bombardment of negative thoughts that convince us that we can’t do things.

My experience is that after years of a regular practice of meditation I got the urge to write. I followed that urge and had some articles published. Then some time after taking part in a ten day intensive meditation retreat, almost from nowhere, an amazing story formed in my mind. I don’t know where it came from, but what I do know is that there was no way I could not write it down. I just started writing. Once I had started, I didn’t want to stop.

I kept going all the way to the end, amazed by the characters that leapt from my mind and their experiences. The result was my book ‘The Children of the Law of One, The Last Days of Atlantis’.

The most amazing thing for me was that this story poured out of me in a way that I would previously have thought impossible, given my belief that I was not creative.

We are all creative. We all have special, unique gifts for the world. Trust yourself; don’t take any notice of the voice in your head which tells you that you are not good enough or that you can’t do things.

Your creative talent is waiting to be unleashed to light up someone’s day, or even their life. I knew that even if no one ever read my book, it had still given me an immense sense of pleasure and achievement to write it.

Happily, some people have read it, and some of those have even told me they enjoyed it. Beyond my wildest dreams? Certainly. But I know now that our dreams are only limited by the thoughts in our heads which silence the urges of our hearts. Let your heart lead you and follow your dreams.


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You know when you just ‘know’ something?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people who has had moments when your knowing comes from a deep place within, that isn’t verbal or cognitive – a different kind of knowing from the knowledge worked out in your head.

Mothers sometimes know when their children are in danger even if they’re on the other side of the world. Twins are known to be able to tune-in in the same way – it’s a heart-connection.

‘Heart-knowing’ of course comes from our hearts, but did you know that our hearts have a brain and intelligence that supersedes the one in our heads? If the energy of our heart is coherent, the brain in our head will take its lead.

In the past, thinking with our head rather than our hearts was lauded, but I’m seeing a trend; there is something I just know. I know that we are all waking up to heart-sense. Weighing big life decisions in our hearts and not our heads is the way forward.

Just try it. If you have a problem or a decision to make, focus on the centre of your chest, the energetic heart-centre of your body-mind, and breathe. I know that your heart will give you the answer that’s right for you.

Not only that, but when we strengthen our heart-connection it increases our intelligence. Not a bad return in my book.

Your cells, your heart, your body, the Earth, and the Universe, all have the same energetic pattern – the tube-torus, with a constant returning flow of energy. Everything is linked, we are one – the microcosm in the macrocosm – I just know it.

It Is What It Is

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I was enjoying a cuddle from my six year old grandson the other day. He pushed his face right up to mine – it was the sort of moment all Grandmas long for.

Then he said, ‘Grandma you’ve got a wrinkly face.’

At one time this might have spoiled my day – but it didn’t feel like that any more.

’Well of course I have I’m a Grandma’, I said.

I’ve spent many years bemoaning my less than ‘perfect size 10’, the greying hair, the wrinkles, let alone the aches, pains and everything else that goes along with ageing – but they just don’t seem important now.

I can’t say exactly when this change happened. It’s rather like when you’ve had an ache or a pain for a long time and then when it goes away, you don’t even notice.

Accepting what is, or being ‘present’ has slipped into my life very quietly. After decades of spiritual tail chasing I’ve found that I was there all along. Meditation does that for you.

I’ve come to realise that I am not this body, I’m just temporarily inhabiting it to experience this life I have chosen, therefore I’m in a better place to accept whatever may happen to it with peace.

Whatever happens, just is. It’s so simple it eluded me for years. Staying present, or being in the now keeps us at the cutting edge of existence, nothing else really exists.

Grandma wrinkles are a prize because they are won with the love and care of raising one generation and helping out with raising the next. I am very blessed.