It Is What It Is

By 13th May 2016Blog

I was enjoying a cuddle from my six year old grandson the other day. He pushed his face right up to mine – it was the sort of moment all Grandmas long for.

Then he said, ‘Grandma you’ve got a wrinkly face.’

At one time this might have spoiled my day – but it didn’t feel like that any more.

’Well of course I have I’m a Grandma’, I said.

I’ve spent many years bemoaning my less than ‘perfect size 10’, the greying hair, the wrinkles, let alone the aches, pains and everything else that goes along with ageing – but they just don’t seem important now.

I can’t say exactly when this change happened. It’s rather like when you’ve had an ache or a pain for a long time and then when it goes away, you don’t even notice.

Accepting what is, or being ‘present’ has slipped into my life very quietly. After decades of spiritual tail chasing I’ve found that I was there all along. Meditation does that for you.

I’ve come to realise that I am not this body, I’m just temporarily inhabiting it to experience this life I have chosen, therefore I’m in a better place to accept whatever may happen to it with peace.

Whatever happens, just is. It’s so simple it eluded me for years. Staying present, or being in the now keeps us at the cutting edge of existence, nothing else really exists.

Grandma wrinkles are a prize because they are won with the love and care of raising one generation and helping out with raising the next. I am very blessed.

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