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June 2016


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I went to the hairdresser’s recently.

I was enjoying the feeling of having my hair washed while I chatted with the hairdresser, but I couldn’t help over-hearing the conversation that was going on at the basin next to me.

A lady was telling her hairdresser about illnesses that her grandchildren had had. The conversation started off with chicken-pox, then it went on to measles, then mumps, and then shingles. Immediately my mind took me back to when I had chicken-pox at age six. I felt so ill that I remember asking my mother if I would die. I remembered measles too. I was older, twelve, and I had it really badly. I didn’t get mumps until my son had it when he was four, and I remembered the pain in my jaw.

Then I noticed. As these memories came flooding back, my body started to identify with these illnesses again. As I remembered how awful I felt, the cells in my body responded. It had to stop! Right now!

I think I couldn’t help listen to this conversation right next to me, because it seemed unusual. Dwelling on illnesses is something I don’t usually do anymore because I know how it affects the body. We draw to us what we fear and what we imagine like a magnet.

Healers know that imagining healthy cells glowing with golden light has an immediate, positive affect on our well-being. Imagining illness does the opposite. It’s fundamental.

My only reason for addressing the above illnesses, is that I wanted to make a point. I’m used to being around people who make light of their problems. It lessens suffering and speeds recovery.

That’s not to say that a friendly ear and help isn’t needed if there is suffering, but we don’t need to relive it once it has gone.

Your consciousness creates your body. Your consciousness creates your health. Full stop. But your beliefs play a big part in this. Have you noticed how if you fear catching a cold from someone, you often do? Notice the word ‘catch’ too. Why do we need to do that?

Our beliefs hide themselves in the depths of our sub-conscious, or put another way, we aren’t aware of them. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have an effect.

If you find yourself unwell, first accept what has happened. Then quiet your mind, take some deep breaths, and ask for the belief that has allowed this to happen to be shown to you. The answer might pop up quickly, or it may come to you later in the day or even the next week. When the answer seems obvious, then it’s time to let the belief go.

I remember when I realised that when I was tired and needed a break, I would get a cold so that I could take time off. The belief here was that I didn’t deserve to take a break. We may hold several beliefs that reinforce a recurring illness, so these need to be addressed too until things clear up.

The Emotional Freedom Technique or the ‘tapping technique’ is a great way to help release negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

It’s important not to beat yourself up about not being successful after the first try or many tries at this, and believe me, I should know! Healing is usually a process, even though instant healing is completely possible.

You are a living, breathing, sovereign human being, and the universe is your playground. Humanity’s spiritual wisdom is evolving rapidly, and it is absolutely possible to create healing for ourselves. This is our birthright – let’s invite healing blessings to flow all around us – and the planet.

Be Here Now

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‘Be Here Now’ is the distilled teaching of my spiritual practice, Ishayas’ Ascension.

That’s what I am told by those in the know. But what does it mean to ‘be here now’? Of course I’m here right now, where else would I be?

Well, what I’ve realised is that my thoughts can be anywhere in the future worrying about what is to come, or off in the past, feeling regret, guilt, sadness or anger about a multitude of things that are past and gone. So I’m not really ‘here now’ when that happens.

So how does this teaching translate into my every-day life? It doesn’t mean that I don’t have strong emotions or feelings, but I’ve found that if I stay present and let them roll through my being without adding anything to them, they just roll on past, rather like a dark cloud passes by to reveal a blue sky.

Recently I was looking after my grandchildren. The two boys had had a scrap and when I managed to separate them, the elder one had a ferocious look on his face. I asked him what he was feeling. A little shaken by the reply, I managed to calmly tell him that if he just allowed himself to feel the feeling without taking it out on his brother, that it would go away. I was really putting this teaching to the test!

He walked out into the garden and looked intensely at the plants for a few moments. His younger brother went outside to see what he was doing – and so did I. He then turned around with a smile on his face, picked his brother up, gave him a squeeze, and said – ‘let’s go and play.’

I love it when these teachings work so seamlessly. Needless to say this was a huge ‘phew’ moment, but rock on ‘Be Here Now’ – if a nine year-old child can do it that easily, it might catch on and then war and strife would be obsolete. Love you all out there.