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Do you feel you’re accident prone?

If so, why are you more likely than others to trip over something, stub your toe, or have a full-blown accident?

Apart from the recent findings that lack of sleep, taking medication, drinking alcohol, and having poor health contribute towards having accidents, is there anything else to consider?

Well, I was talking to a friend recently, who is a very experienced and effective healer; she said that throughout a period of eleven years before she was thirty, she had had a ridiculous amount of accidents and bad luck: several car accidents, frequent falls, numerous illnesses and more than one relationship failure. Eventually, she told me, she realised what she was doing.

So what was it that she was doing? As healers, my friend and I both have a mutual fascination for how our consciousness affects our lives, and it has made us examine how the way we think and what we believe influences what happens around us.

Through our different healing practices and exploration into consciousness, we had arrived at the same conclusion: that our thoughts and beliefs lay the foundations for not only our health and well-being, but also for our safety.

Thoughts are energy and have a magnetic quality, which when replayed often enough become beliefs. A belief is a thought construct which attracts like energy, and draws circumstances to it that mirror the belief.

If you firmly believe that you are at the mercy of the circumstances of life, then you are putting out a vibration into the energetic field around you that will draw to you circumstances that reflect that.

Perhaps these phrases resonate with you: ‘This always happens to me.’ ‘Life just isn’t fair’. I’m no good at that’. If so, it’s likely that you’re holding limiting negative beliefs that hold you back.

We all have them, and they usually start life with a chance remark from a distracted parent or teacher which reinforces a feeling of unworthiness. As I am writing this I remember standing at my teacher’s desk aged eight as she looked at my ‘sums’ exercise book at something that I’d got wrong.

As she tried to elicit the right answer from me and I continued to get it wrong, she slapped the back of my legs. As you can imagine, from then on maths always frightened me and I thought I was no good at it.

I remembered too that several years ago, for the first time in our lives, my husband and I bought a brand new car. It didn’t feel like it could possibly be our car, it was shiny, new, and downright flashy. When I drove it I felt nervous that I might scratch it or damage it in some way.

One day I went to the supermarket. As I got into the queue towards the mini roundabout to leave the car park, to my horror I saw that a young girl standing at the entrance of the super-market had let go of a full trolley of shopping, and that it had started to roll away. It was heading straight towards my car. I couldn’t go forwards or backwards as I was in a queue of cars. I watched in horror as it hit my passenger door, then bumped its way along the side of the car to the rear passenger door. I was stunned. What were the chances of that happening to me?

Then I realised. I had been fretting about driving a pristine new car. The universe delivered this 2” x 4” in the guise of a shopping trolley round the back of my head or actually down the side of my car as if to say, ‘when are you actually going to get this?’

The lesson was worth it because it left me in absolutely no doubt about how powerful my thoughts and particularly my fears are. Fear-thoughts have a particularly strong pull to them. It was some time later that I captured the belief around which these thoughts revolved: ‘I don’t deserve to have something pristine and new’.

Well, the question is can we heal ourselves of being accident prone? I believe it’s possible to free ourselves of limiting negative beliefs, if we have the presence of mind to watch our thoughts.

What helps us to be ‘present’ or ‘in the moment’ is practising meditation, as it makes us aware of our thoughts instead of always reacting to them. It gets interesting when you notice limiting beliefs pop up – it’s like finding a piece of rubbish on the floor that you hadn’t noticed before. You sweep it up, throw it away and move on.

Therapies like Emotional Freedom Technique or the ‘Tapping Technique,” help us to shed our limitations, and the channeled healing guidance from an entity called Bashar on feelings and beliefs is also extremely enlightening.

To paraphrase Bashar – ‘everything is now’ – ‘we are all one’ – ‘our existence is eternal’. What a relief. Let’s relax into that, and trust the universe to invite into our lives the circumstances that reflect our true limitless being.