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October 2016

Long Time No See

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I used to have a guilt complex. If anything went wrong it was bound to be my fault.

I used to justify and defend myself, but now it’s my good fortune to know that I don’t have to attack myself like that any more.

I was starting to feel bad about not having blogged for a while. I was told I needed to do one a week if I wanted to sell my book, but I don’t think I’ve ever done it that frequently.

However, when I started blogging I found I really enjoyed it. It’s good to share a bit about my life and hard-won insights on consciousness and spirituality that have stuck with me over the years.

Oh, and the book, well, I trusted that the Universe would help people to find it, even though I may well have just written it for me; (people do buy it by the way).

Anyway, Iife got interesting and threw in a challenge, and I also got busy redecorating my house. I like painting, it’s very meditative and rewarding. Seriously, though, ideas for articles, short stories, and how to start the sequel to my novel just kept flooding into my mind as I painted, not to mention finding the book on healing I had started years ago in my filing cabinet.

The creative muse doesn’t seem to be linear for me. Ideas bounce around from point to point rather like one of my grandchildren on the trampoline in their garden.

I therefore now have five folders on my desk named, ‘Sequel’, ‘Short Stories’, ‘Articles,’ ‘Blogs’, and ‘Non-Fiction Book on Healing’. When ideas come, I scribble them down in the appropriate folder. It could be a long time before all the files come to fruition – and the sequel is winning at the moment. But I no longer feel guilty about my sizeable gap in the blogosphere.

We create the circumstances in our lives with our thoughts, so it’s a waste time feeling guilty about anything. Recognise a guilty thought for what it is – just a thought, and turn it around into something positive. Who knows, your creative genius may emerge and surprise you!