It’s an Inside Job

By 6th December 2017Blog

I met with a woman today who felt the weight of the world on her shoulders.

She felt all the cruelty and injustice reaped by her fellow humans in a personal way. She wanted to make everything ok, but felt helpless. Her body showed and spoke her pain.

I remember once seeing an info-graphic which showed a pyramid with different coloured layers and words printed on each one.

It went something like this:

Bottom layer   –   ‘Everything is sh!t’

Second layer   –    ‘A lot of things are sh!t’

Third layer      –     ‘Some things are sh!t’

Fourth layer    –    ‘Sh!t! some things are perfect!’

Pyramid top    –    ‘Sh!t! everything’s perfect!’

To see everything as perfect is a big ask for most of us, and to scramble to the top of the pyramid of perception for this wonderful view is unlikely to happen in one day. Baby steps are needed.

One of the best ways out of the mire of the dark forlorn world is to be grateful for the very smallest things. As we are all connected, this attitude starts to re-focus our lives and to re-arrange the universe while it’s at it.

Organising campaigns, getting signatures, and galvanising people into action are wonderful ways of lightening the darkness, but it’s not everyone’s path. The smallest shift in perception will move mountains to heal ourselves and our world, because everything is actually an inside job. What we do on the inside heals the ‘outside’, because there really is no outside.

I saw her spirits lift a little when I talked of this, and she reminded me of myself once, a healer archetype, lost in the pain of trying to heal the cruel world.

Ancient wisdom says we can choose to see the world as a jewel or a curse.

I know which I prefer.

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