The Children of the Law of One: The Last Days of Atlantis

The Children of the Law of One: The Last Days of Atlantis.

The Children of the Law of One: The Last Days of Atlantis.

It is 10,349 BC in the island nation of Atlantis. There is constant conflict between the priests of the Children of the Law of One, who are trying in vain to keep ancient spiritual values alive, and the Sons of Belial, the dark priests who are under the control of a diabolical extra-terrestrial life form that is infesting the solar system, that wishes to enslave humanity through their puppets on Earth, the Sons of Belial.

Alejandro, a young priest of the One is 21 years old, and has been back home for two years after completing his six-year initiate training into the priesthood of the Law of One. He has been separated from his twin-soul and childhood sweetheart, Mirena, during this time, but they are now beloveds, and completely oblivious to any threat to their happiness.

One fateful day, their mysterious teacher and High-priest Helios, tells them of a prophecy from the Alta, the former spiritual leaders of Atlantis, which said that their land is doomed to fall beneath the sea due to a terrible catastrophe, and that they must prepare for an egress to other lands. However, a more urgent danger has befallen them; he tells them they have a special gift that endangers them, but which is also the potential salvation of humanity – the way they make love. Unknowingly, something that has come naturally to them, sets them apart from the rest of the population. Their purity and twin-soul status enables them to create the ‘nymphion’ or luminous white light around them during their love-making that leads to enlightenment. However, the dark priests will stop at nothing to prevent them from teaching others what they know, as their plans for world domination through ignorance and fear are at stake.

For their safety, Helios sends them away into the mountains to the wise ones – but this is only the start of an incredible quest that takes them to realms far beyond their imagination, and into dangers that will try them to the breadth of their souls.

This is a great read, very exciting, I really wanted to know what would happen, a wonderful love story, an over-whelming feeling of a deep connection between two people and their families. A story of light and dark forces and much more, very moving on a deep level.

J Roberts