Lorraine M Newman is a wife, mother, and grandmother of eight.

A life-long truth-seeker, her  background includes many years of teaching yoga, and healing with Shiatsu and Reiki. Some clients when experiencing an up-turn in their health have joked she would have been burnt as a witch in earlier times.

Meditation is a spiritual focus in her life, and she is passionate about exploring humanity’s ancient origins and spirituality.

She started writing with non-fiction magazine articles, then dived into fiction with ‘The Children of the Law of One’, her first novel.

Lorraine M Newman

‘The Children of the Law of One’ is one of those fascinating tales where you feel as though you are skating at the edge between long forgotten truths and visionary fiction. It makes for an enjoyable read with likeable characters and just the right amount of challenging situations to keep you turning the pages. I for one am now waiting for the sequel; it feels like there is so much more to hear from these soon to be refugee Atlanteans. Where do they end up and what civilisation do they found? Keep it coming Lorraine!”

Steph, Amazon reviews