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I went to the hairdresser’s recently.

I was enjoying the feeling of having my hair washed while I chatted with the hairdresser, but I couldn’t help over-hearing the conversation that was going on at the basin next to me.

A lady was telling her hairdresser about illnesses that her grandchildren had had. The conversation started off with chicken-pox, then it went on to measles, then mumps, and then shingles. Immediately my mind took me back to when I had chicken-pox at age six. I felt so ill that I remember asking my mother if I would die. I remembered measles too. I was older, twelve, and I had it really badly. I didn’t get mumps until my son had it when he was four, and I remembered the pain in my jaw.

Then I noticed. As these memories came flooding back, my body started to identify with these illnesses again. As I remembered how awful I felt, the cells in my body responded. It had to stop! Right now!

I think I couldn’t help listen to this conversation right next to me, because it seemed unusual. Dwelling on illnesses is something I don’t usually do anymore because I know how it affects the body. We draw to us what we fear and what we imagine like a magnet.

Healers know that imagining healthy cells glowing with golden light has an immediate, positive affect on our well-being. Imagining illness does the opposite. It’s fundamental.

My only reason for addressing the above illnesses, is that I wanted to make a point. I’m used to being around people who make light of their problems. It lessens suffering and speeds recovery.

That’s not to say that a friendly ear and help isn’t needed if there is suffering, but we don’t need to relive it once it has gone.

Your consciousness creates your body. Your consciousness creates your health. Full stop. But your beliefs play a big part in this. Have you noticed how if you fear catching a cold from someone, you often do? Notice the word ‘catch’ too. Why do we need to do that?

Our beliefs hide themselves in the depths of our sub-conscious, or put another way, we aren’t aware of them. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have an effect.

If you find yourself unwell, first accept what has happened. Then quiet your mind, take some deep breaths, and ask for the belief that has allowed this to happen to be shown to you. The answer might pop up quickly, or it may come to you later in the day or even the next week. When the answer seems obvious, then it’s time to let the belief go.

I remember when I realised that when I was tired and needed a break, I would get a cold so that I could take time off. The belief here was that I didn’t deserve to take a break. We may hold several beliefs that reinforce a recurring illness, so these need to be addressed too until things clear up.

The Emotional Freedom Technique or the ‘tapping technique’ is a great way to help release negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

It’s important not to beat yourself up about not being successful after the first try or many tries at this, and believe me, I should know! Healing is usually a process, even though instant healing is completely possible.

You are a living, breathing, sovereign human being, and the universe is your playground. Humanity’s spiritual wisdom is evolving rapidly, and it is absolutely possible to create healing for ourselves. This is our birthright – let’s invite healing blessings to flow all around us – and the planet.

Be Here Now

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‘Be Here Now’ is the distilled teaching of my spiritual practice, Ishayas’ Ascension.

That’s what I am told by those in the know. But what does it mean to ‘be here now’? Of course I’m here right now, where else would I be?

Well, what I’ve realised is that my thoughts can be anywhere in the future worrying about what is to come, or off in the past, feeling regret, guilt, sadness or anger about a multitude of things that are past and gone. So I’m not really ‘here now’ when that happens.

So how does this teaching translate into my every-day life? It doesn’t mean that I don’t have strong emotions or feelings, but I’ve found that if I stay present and let them roll through my being without adding anything to them, they just roll on past, rather like a dark cloud passes by to reveal a blue sky.

Recently I was looking after my grandchildren. The two boys had had a scrap and when I managed to separate them, the elder one had a ferocious look on his face. I asked him what he was feeling. A little shaken by the reply, I managed to calmly tell him that if he just allowed himself to feel the feeling without taking it out on his brother, that it would go away. I was really putting this teaching to the test!

He walked out into the garden and looked intensely at the plants for a few moments. His younger brother went outside to see what he was doing – and so did I. He then turned around with a smile on his face, picked his brother up, gave him a squeeze, and said – ‘let’s go and play.’

I love it when these teachings work so seamlessly. Needless to say this was a huge ‘phew’ moment, but rock on ‘Be Here Now’ – if a nine year-old child can do it that easily, it might catch on and then war and strife would be obsolete. Love you all out there.


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I’ve never thought I was a very creative person.

I thought creativity was something that you were either born with, or that you had to work at. I didn’t seem to have been born with it ,and I didn’t seem to have the time or inclination to develop it either.

What I did make time for was yoga, and from that sprang my interest in meditation and spirituality. What I didn’t realise was that having a better relationship with your mind through meditation, releases your innate creativity.

Our creative abilities are unlimited once the mind is unhitched from the bombardment of negative thoughts that convince us that we can’t do things.

My experience is that after years of a regular practice of meditation I got the urge to write. I followed that urge and had some articles published. Then some time after taking part in a ten day intensive meditation retreat, almost from nowhere, an amazing story formed in my mind. I don’t know where it came from, but what I do know is that there was no way I could not write it down. I just started writing. Once I had started, I didn’t want to stop.

I kept going all the way to the end, amazed by the characters that leapt from my mind and their experiences. The result was my book ‘The Children of the Law of One, The Last Days of Atlantis’.

The most amazing thing for me was that this story poured out of me in a way that I would previously have thought impossible, given my belief that I was not creative.

We are all creative. We all have special, unique gifts for the world. Trust yourself; don’t take any notice of the voice in your head which tells you that you are not good enough or that you can’t do things.

Your creative talent is waiting to be unleashed to light up someone’s day, or even their life. I knew that even if no one ever read my book, it had still given me an immense sense of pleasure and achievement to write it.

Happily, some people have read it, and some of those have even told me they enjoyed it. Beyond my wildest dreams? Certainly. But I know now that our dreams are only limited by the thoughts in our heads which silence the urges of our hearts. Let your heart lead you and follow your dreams.


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You know when you just ‘know’ something?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people who has had moments when your knowing comes from a deep place within, that isn’t verbal or cognitive – a different kind of knowing from the knowledge worked out in your head.

Mothers sometimes know when their children are in danger even if they’re on the other side of the world. Twins are known to be able to tune-in in the same way – it’s a heart-connection.

‘Heart-knowing’ of course comes from our hearts, but did you know that our hearts have a brain and intelligence that supersedes the one in our heads? If the energy of our heart is coherent, the brain in our head will take its lead.

In the past, thinking with our head rather than our hearts was lauded, but I’m seeing a trend; there is something I just know. I know that we are all waking up to heart-sense. Weighing big life decisions in our hearts and not our heads is the way forward.

Just try it. If you have a problem or a decision to make, focus on the centre of your chest, the energetic heart-centre of your body-mind, and breathe. I know that your heart will give you the answer that’s right for you.

Not only that, but when we strengthen our heart-connection it increases our intelligence. Not a bad return in my book.

Your cells, your heart, your body, the Earth, and the Universe, all have the same energetic pattern – the tube-torus, with a constant returning flow of energy. Everything is linked, we are one – the microcosm in the macrocosm – I just know it.

It Is What It Is

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I was enjoying a cuddle from my six year old grandson the other day. He pushed his face right up to mine – it was the sort of moment all Grandmas long for.

Then he said, ‘Grandma you’ve got a wrinkly face.’

At one time this might have spoiled my day – but it didn’t feel like that any more.

’Well of course I have I’m a Grandma’, I said.

I’ve spent many years bemoaning my less than ‘perfect size 10’, the greying hair, the wrinkles, let alone the aches, pains and everything else that goes along with ageing – but they just don’t seem important now.

I can’t say exactly when this change happened. It’s rather like when you’ve had an ache or a pain for a long time and then when it goes away, you don’t even notice.

Accepting what is, or being ‘present’ has slipped into my life very quietly. After decades of spiritual tail chasing I’ve found that I was there all along. Meditation does that for you.

I’ve come to realise that I am not this body, I’m just temporarily inhabiting it to experience this life I have chosen, therefore I’m in a better place to accept whatever may happen to it with peace.

Whatever happens, just is. It’s so simple it eluded me for years. Staying present, or being in the now keeps us at the cutting edge of existence, nothing else really exists.

Grandma wrinkles are a prize because they are won with the love and care of raising one generation and helping out with raising the next. I am very blessed.

Gnocchi Verdi

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This is Gnocchi Verdi, my favourite Italian recipe.

I thought I had lost the recipe, but I found it again in the back of my larder and I couldn’t wait to try them again.

I don’t usually takes photos of my food but I couldn’t resist it as they look so good. As I was rolling the little spinach and ricotta cheese balls back and forth in my floured hands, I couldn’t help but notice that however hard I tried they never turned out exactly the same. – I took the same sized spoonful of mixture each time and rolled them back and forth in my hands exactly the same way, but they were all – just different.

Each little gnocchi had its own individual character and shape – rather like people do. Perhaps we are all moulded in the same way by divine hands from some universal gnocchi/human mix.

We are all individuals and we come from One consciousness. We are one and the same – just like the gnocchi. Consciousness is unfathomable and indescribable and I’m sure it doesn’t look like gnocchi mix, but my mind just goes there.

You drop the balls into boiling water and after a minute or two they float to the surface. After about four minutes they are done. I really can’t help myself, but this process reminds me of Ascension. This is where we rise in consciousness and realise our true nature (One consciousness/Spirit), after we have been transformed by the heat of spiritual fire.

Golden rays of light then radiate from us in a glory of realisation – except in this case it’s hot butter poured over the gnocchi, and parmesan sprinkled on the top.

Here’s the recipe. Enjoy.

Gnocchi Verdi

1 lb fresh spinach
A pinch of salt
8oz Ricotta or Curd Cheese
Freshly ground black pepper
Grated nutmeg
Half oz of butter
2 eggs lightly beaten
One and a half oz of parmesan cheese
2oz plain flour

Wilt the spinach in a pan with a little water. Drain, thoroughly squeeze, and chop the spinach into small pieces. Add the spinach and ricotta to a pan with with salt, pepper, nutmeg and the butter. Stir together over a very low heat for 3 to 4 minutes until evenly mixed and dry. Remove from the heat and beat in the eggs, parmesan cheese, and flour, mixing thoroughly. Set aside in a cool place until firm.

Take a heaped desert spoon full of mixture at a time, and with well floured hands, gently roll into a ball. When all are done, lower the balls, a few at a time into a pan of gently simmering salted water. When they rise to the surface after 4 to 5 minutes, lift out with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper towels.Transfer to a well buttered, shallow oven-proof dish and keep hot in a warm oven. When all are cooked, heat the butter until it begins to turn nut brown, pour over the gnocchi and sprinkle with Parmesan. Serve at once.

Go Eat Cake – But On Your Own Terms

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If like me you enjoy a good wedge of cake sometimes, the following might interest you.

Being told to ‘go and eat cake, but on your own terms’, by a well-loved and well-respected meditation teacher, has to be good news – especially when it’s delivered on a meditation retreat.

An image of fifty five people sitting in lotus position, cramming their mouths with cake is hard to dismiss, but it’s what I love about this teaching of Ascension – you get stuff that you don’t expect to hear.

By the way, we don’t sit in lotus position either.

It really wasn’t the cake that excited me, (yeah, right, I hear you say), it was the awareness that the instruction engendered that grabbed me.

Let me back track a little. The retreat was about exploration of consciousness, or a taster of self-mastery. Put very simply, consciousness, or awareness is all there is. It’s everywhere, in everything, in everybody. It animates life in the world of form – which is where we are experiencing life right now.

Although awareness is transcendent (not of the world of form), it percolates through to this realm in order to beckon us back home to our divinity.

Because we believe we are separate, living our lives on this beautiful blue planet roving in space, each of us little islands floating in a seemingly hostile world, we fall back onto the ego’s narrative – you know the one – that not so little voice in your head which tells you what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, why you should be afraid, ashamed, proud, or guilty.

So when we are told to notice when it delivers one of its directives such as ‘I really want a cup of tea, ‘I want a piece of cake’, ‘I really fancy a cigarette’ – we notice it, and ask ourselves who is talking? It’s not us apparently, but the conditioned mind or ego. All we have to do is notice the voice, ignore it for a time, then go and do what we want to do on our own terms.

What a gentle way to become more conscious – no wonder this path is called the Bright Path. There’s no beating ourselves up about what we do, we just have to notice the voice in our head that tells us to do things and then decide for ourselves. As I’ve practised this, I’ve become more aware of the constant narrative in my head, and I believe it has become quieter. There is more peace. Life seems brighter.

Beating ourselves up about our habits only deepens the grooves in our minds; awareness cuts straight through them, and leaves us in a better place to contact our peace within. We are not the constant narrative in our heads. We are so much more than that.

As for the cake – strangely I haven’t fancied any lately.

Change Your Mind – It’s Bliss

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According to an ancient Hindu spiritual tradition – truth, awareness, and bliss are all one and the same thing.

The Sanskrit word is made up of Sat – truth or pure being, Chit – awareness or consciousness, and Ananda – bliss, in other words Satchitananda.

So why is bliss all rolled up with awareness and truth? It sounds a bit like one of those marketing ‘mash-up’ ideas that are popular now.

Perhaps the ancients expressed it this way because it’s a state that defies description. But why should awareness be bliss? Having brushed up against this state, through my practice of Ascension, I’ll attempt to share my experience.

With a dedicated meditation practice, over time, stress leaves the nervous system. It’s a bit like taking a huge heavy back-pack off; you feel lighter. It’s easier then to get to know your mind and watch how the ego tries to replay old negative programming – and be able to step out of the way. You keep on getting lighter – I suppose that’s why it’s called Ascension.

My teachers say that the outcome of this practice is to have a better relationship with your mind. Scientists strive to find out more about the universe, but haven’t even begun to fathom the depth and breadth of the mind. It is so stupendously clever that a part of it called the ego can convince us that we are small and separate.

Awareness, or being in the fullness of the moment, creates the healing space for us to realise that the constant mental chatter in our heads is not who we are. If we can be aware of it, it’s not us, right?

Eckhart Tolle, a gifted and enlightened spiritual teacher says that we are all like ripples on an ocean. One day one of the ripples saw itself in a mirror, then took a ‘selfie’. Soon all the other ripples were doing the same. Then some ripples felt victimised by others, and arguments broke out. Other ripples then joined their causes, and then wars broke out. I recommend watching this talk on Eckhart Tolle TV, as I’m sure I haven’t done it justice here.

We are One being – eternal spirit, experiencing life as many – but most of us have forgotten. We suffer because we believe we are separate and isolated; but we can find Oneness again by realising that it never left. That’s bliss.

Having had a taste of freedom, I’m aiming to be in it all the time – with a little help from my friends and teachers. The reports from those in the know is that it keeps on getting better – so who wouldn’t want to?

I’m off on a ten-day meditation retreat to hone my skills of experiencing peace, stillness, and bliss. I’ll report back.

The Healer’s Tuning Fork

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We all have the latent ability to heal.

Healing is based on love you see, and humans are really good at that, once they have dumped a lot of their judgement and negative baggage.

In a way we are all like tuning forks. When we are immersed in negative thought it can infect others. Correspondingly when we effervesce positivity, others pick that up too.

It’s the same with healing. People have accompanied others for healing in my treatment room, and said that they received healing too. I have experienced the same thing. I went to a spiritual healing demonstration and felt the healing energies myself when someone else was being treated.

When I attune someone into Reiki healing, it is my intent that achieves it. I have witnessed the miracle of passing on this healing frequency time and again, but it never fails to thrill me when I feel their hands buzzing with warmth and healing as they work on me afterwards.

Reiki and Shiatsu are the forms of healing that I learnt, and also Yoga, because that too is a path of re-integration. In fact all healing is just healing. It doesn’t really matter what form it takes.

The approach or way it is practised may be different, but the components are the same: one person (or many) focus their intention for the greater good of another. I remember reading once that the focus and intent of an acupuncturist was actually more effective at healing than the needles s/he placed.

When you first train to be a healer of any tradition, you are taught a ‘form’ – a specific procedure or way of doing things. It can be massaging points on the feet, working pressure points on the body, re-aligning the vertebrae, or any manner of healing procedure, but they all help to bring about balance and harmony.

We create a kind of vehicle or energy field with our love, our intent, and the mental construct from our particular tradition of healing. This field serves well as the vehicle for healing, but as the healer’s intuition develops, they start to become more sensitive to energies. Often they decide to learn more about energy and are drawn to the quiet stillness of less ‘doing’.

My Reiki students would often ask me what they should think about when they practise healing, and the short answer is: as little as possible. More helpfully, I would say: ‘let your mind be spacious, as though your energy field can reach further and further out.’

The reason for this is that if you concentrate too much on the person’s symptoms – mental, emotional or physical, you constrict the healing energy, rendering it less effective. Your thought of sympathy for their particular illness somehow helps to anchor it in the world of form.

As my intuition has developed, and some of my negative baggage has dropped away through my spiritual practice of Ascension, a clarity has emerged which shows me that one day, healing may not need to exist. As I tune into the eternal spirit of the person before me I know that their illness is illusion.

In reality, everyone is eternal perfect spirit whether they are manifesting illness or not. If I do anything at all, I intend that the healing light of the One melts away all illusion of illness and decay. Then I just get out of the way by clearing my mind.

I sense energies moving under my hands and I just let it happen. I can feel the body releasing tension and it is just like stress leaving. That’s all it is – stress leaving – a kind of tension and release. No doubt there are all manner of other helpers in other realms, so my part is very small, but it has been said more than once that had I lived a few hundred years ago I would have been in trouble.

My reasons for sharing this, is that I want to share it – this shedding of the illusion of illness, super-imposed over the the perfection of spirit. Humanity is ascending in consciousness, which means that we are heading towards an age when there will be great spiritual enlightenment. Our frequencies will no longer hold the down-graded energy and distortions of imbalance or illness.

So back to the tuning fork. The healer’s main tool is positive intent, and it is my intention that if you are reading these words, you will receive healing – from yourself. Just place your hands on your chest and let the warmth from them seep through your body. Accept whatever is. Dare to believe that you are whole in spirit. Do it often, love yourself, and who knows what miracles may come along.

Remember, that even though the world appears to be going mad, there is a huge ground swell of interest in meditation, healing, and spirituality. Love always wins.

Healer, Heal Thyself

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Having worked as healer for over twenty five years, I’ve seen all manner of people and complaints come through my clinic door.

After years of practise, I recognised that there was common ground in all illness. The ‘diseases’ that my clients showed up with were literally that: manifestations of a lack of ease in their world – the foundations being repressed emotions.

I think repressed emotions are a bit like the rubbish we put in our bins, except that no one empties them, and so things fester. In my training I learnt that sadness and grief affect the lungs, anger affects the liver, fear affects the kidneys, worrying affects the stomach and a deep loss of joy affects the heart. I still think there is truth in this, but I see that it’s not the whole story.

To acknowledge our emotions and let them flow is being congruent with our reality, but it’s good to see what’s underneath them. I’ve come to realise that it’s those pesky negative thoughts again. You know the ones – the ones that come from the beliefs that fit neatly into the following categories: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘my world is not a safe place’, ‘I am powerless to change things’, and ‘love equals pain’.

Breathe out slowly. Just reading this list of painful beliefs may have jangled your emotional body into shaking up all sorts of flotsam and jetsam. But here’s the cure – know they are just beliefs.

Your true nature is Divine Eternal Spirit, and the more you realise that, the more the beliefs drop away. It’s a process that I’ve been through myself and continue to go through. It’s actually quite a beautiful process. Uncomfortable at times, but so worth the journey. As we drop our baggage we start to float free, just like an air-balloon freed of its sandbags.

Over time my spiritual practice and personal experience have revealed more about healing, and what I see now beyond any doubt, is that its basis is the dropping away of the dark veils of amnesia about who we are. As more layers of negative belief drop away, the clearer we become on all levels. When this happens, our health tends to improve, but even if it doesn’t, we feel better inside and can cope better with whatever is happening in the now.

Eventually we’ll come to realise that we are eternal life that isn’t limited or defined by the present lifetime we are experiencing; after all, Divine Spirit doesn’t get ill or have a bad back.

I was a typical wounded healer – I wanted to lay my hands on those hurting, aching bodies and on those souls squeezed of their freedom, and make everything better – because that’s what I needed too. We healers are hard-wired to try and make things better, and I know that the love of my work healed in ways that neither healer or healee (made up word – my spell-check doesn’t like it) realised at the time. The clue is in the word ‘love’.

Working as a healer can be a bit of a conundrum. Most healers are heart-centred people and love their work and would probably be happy to do it for free. I certainly fell into that category. However, we all have to make a living. We healers rationalise that it’s the time we’re charging for, not the healing, and this of course is true, but healers are an altruistic bunch and we want to heal for the world for free, because money is from the dark side.

We then either start to beat ourselves up about putting up our charges when necessary, or begin to stress about getting in more treatments in the week so that we don’t have to. Either way is a pathway to more stress for us which doesn’t help, as healers need to be joyful and free – and give love to themselves too. Practitioner ‘burn-out’ isn’t that uncommon in the healing profession.

When I first started out as a Shiatsu practitioner, and Reiki Master with my certificates and name on the appropriate governing bodies’ registers to say that I was a bone fide person, I thought I new what healing was. Healing improves someone’s well-being on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level, right? I still believe this – but it’s not the whole picture.

Once, I distinctly remember listening to someone telling me of their aches and pains, and realising I didn’t feel much better; it was a real case of healer, heal thyself. We can all suffer from putting ourselves last at times, but those in the healing professions are very good at it. I’ve heard several stories about the dedicated souls who are nurses and doctors who don’t look after themselves. Love is everything in healing, and we need to give it to ourselves too.

This little journey into the matter of healing brings us back to that same old chestnut. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves.

As more of my baggage drops away, I find that I am doing less one-to-one healing and more of sending out love to everyone through my spiritual practice of Ishayas Ascension and forgiveness practices like Ho,oponopono. I feel my healing is more global or universal now. Because we are all One, even the tiniest prayer of gratitude or forgiveness literally re-arranges the universe, or put a different way – sets up a healing reaction.

In my book, ‘The Children of the Law of One – The Last Days of Atlantis’, my hero Alejandro has to make a terrible choice. The outcome of his choice will either dash hope for humanity or help to save it. In a way we are in the same position ourselves; we really are that powerful, so let’s send out the LOove, and let’s heal ourselves!